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Warning: Numerous images below, sorry if some are blurry, apparently I still haven’t mastered the use of a camera after so many years. o__O Not to mention the fact that I’m too lazy to re-take any. 😛

A little Hallowe’en decorating:

Meanwhile, in Feeling Crafty Land….
A mini mushroom I crocheted from what had originally been a leg to a turtle that didn’t work out (the color clashed, the horror!):

And getting into the festive spirit (boo!) of my favorite holiday….
A spidey web (I’ll be crocheting more when I feel like it):

A gravestone (without etching for now. Pattern found at Lion Brand’s site, need free membership to see/get it. This is the smaller, squatter amigurumi.), and not crocheted, but a fuzzy monster I made from a pom-pom (or pom-pon, if you’d rather. I wouldn’t) and googly eye:

Cupcake coasters (whose pattern can be found here):


The next day I found my smaller pom-poms, and whatta ya know, they look good! So I glued those on minus one coaster since I have no black pom-poms. 😦

Poor little lonesome soul, pom-pom-less and all :(:

And my absolute favorite item I made due to it being all mine, mine, MINE!!!! Ahem, excuse my little outburst, but I get excited when I make something up all on my own and don’t follow a pattern. For anything. 😀

Isn’t Frankie, Jr. just the most adorable thing ever? 😛 He’s a pen holder, BTW.

So that’s how I spent my weekend. Okay, maybe not all of it. 😉